May 02, 2021

Another Successful Event !



Dear Member,

We are happy to inform you that maca’s  Jolly Junior successfully conducted Story Telling and Puppet Show on Sri Krishna & Mahabharath on May 2nd - Sunday. The show was conducted by Sharanya Sriram, a certified  Story Teller.

We thank all the parents who encouraged their kids to participate in this event. We are happy to see enthusiastic participation by all kids. They asked very intelligent questions which were answered nicely by Sharanya.  Our Junior member Aashika recited “Gita Sloka”, beautifully with correct pronunciation.

It was a well attended event !  We are little disappointed to see “no shows” by 7 parents (registered for the event) and did not inform us also.

The story starts from the birth of Sri Krishna, Krisna Leela and his presence in Kurukshetra.

For the benefit of members who missed this event, we are giving the Youtube link for you to watch:

Our thanks to Padmaja Bharath for hosting this event and Albert Pravin for his technical support.


With warm regards

maca committee

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