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In line with our overall objective of promoting South Indian culture, MACA has established two schools called Madras Cultural Academy (official name of MACA School)  to teach Heritage and Tamil language classes, one in the East end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and another in the West end of GTA to cater to the needs of our widespread community.  The schools are being conducted during weekend and are meant for children & youth.  The objective of these schools is to promote learning of Tamil language (reading/ comprehension, speaking and writing), and to promote an understanding and awareness of Indian culture, heritage and moral values in children to help their cultural, spiritual and overall personality development. The schools are staffed by dedicated volunteer teachers who are passionate and committed to this mission. The schools are targeted at children in the age group of 4 to 15 years.

 The West end school is conducted every Sunday from 11-1pm at the South common mall community centre in Mississauga.  The East end school is conducted every Saturday from 10-12noon at the Arya Samaj in  14th Avenue, Markham.

  In the Tamil class (one hour every week) the teachers use stories, structured lessons, exercises and games to allow children at different levels to gain a good understanding of the basics and help them to communicate effectively in Tamil.  Students are divided into groups (based on age) to allow a smaller student/teacher ratio as well as customization for each age group.

 In the culture and heritage class (one hour every week), the class begins with a brief meditation to break the student’s pre-occupation and help calm down to develop focus.  Following this is a discussion of either a moral story or a specific festival or function depending on the week.  Students discuss how they celebrate a festival, how it used to be celebrated back in, the spiritual or mythological significance and how to explain the same to local friends from other faiths. Work completed by students is corrected by the teachers to additional guidance provided as needed. The medium of instruction is in English. As part of the schools, students are taken on Field trips to nearby temples. The objective of such visits is to explain the significance of temples and temple architecture, idols of gods and rituals in the temple and benefits of temple visit and prayers.  Students find the school an excellent way to network with others and form a sense of community and support system right from that young age. The same students often also participate in MACA’s annual programs to display their skills and learning.

You need to be a MACA member for enrolling your kid. The subsidized fee for each child is $20.00/month  ($5/  for every additional child from the same family) for Tamil and Heritage class.

If you have children in this age group, MACA highly recommends that you enroll them in one of the schools to take advantage of MACA’s investment in the schools.

 East End – Vedic Centre  -   4349, 14th avenue Markham (14th Avenue and Kennedy), Markham   Contact: Gita Sankaran - 647-385-9657 or Padmaja Bharath - 647-285-9633

 WestEnd - South Common Community Center  (Program Room next to Library),  2233 South Millway, Mississauga       Contact: Vasunthara Srinivasan – 905-956-3436 or   Jaya Balu - 905-820-2095











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