Jan 17, 2021




Dear Member,

Our BIG thanks to all maca members who participated and watched maca’s Pongal Kondattam 2021 on January 17th. There were more than 94 participants who really worked hard for the last 3 weeks to give you a memorable event. We are happy to note that This event on FaceBook had more than 1200 views!!

A special mention about the little- ag girl of 5 years, Sadhana Shree, student of maca school, sang Thamizh Thai Vaazhthu very well at the beginning of the program.

We have a very big list of people to thank, without whom we could not have done this event.

PRODUCER AND CHOREOGRAPHER – Hema Gopal and Shenbi Dayalan are at the top of the list ! They started with an excellent concept which was well planned and executed. Each group had approximately 35 Dance participants in their group. They had a great task of training them (online) and put together their video nicely and presented.

EMCEE – Ramshankar did an excellent job of emceeing and presented all the programs in grand style and provided additional useful information.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Pravin did a wonderful job by providing flawless execution of programs. When one of the participant had problem in playing his video, he could immediately step-in and fix the problem.

CINEMA SONG : Harish, Aruna, Sangeetha,Shivshankar, Sankar, Harshitha, Maanasa & Akshara gave a wonderful performance.

KAVIDHAI NEARM:  Hemanth, Varadan, Keerthi, Janani, Partha, Manu, Sankar, Renga, Charushree, Prof.Xavier, Lakshara & Santhanam. This include 4 small kids who delivered in good Tamil without any accent.


DANCE TEAM: Bala, Lavanya, Keerthi, Renuka, Leyah, Sarvesh, Vani Kumar, Priya Manogaran, Manikandan, Siddesh, Hema, Gopal, Nethra, Akshara, Srimathy, Manu, Navya, Lavanya, Sahana, Bhuvana, Uma, Ramya, Nithya, Smrithi, Sanjana, Ashveen,Nancy, Tiah, Karthika, Raj, Vidula, Chandrika, Brahma, Geetha, Srivatsan, Sairoshan, Shruthi, Santhanam, Vijayalakshmi ,Lakshara, Twishaa,Hari,Gayathri, Harshitha, Ashwath, Kavya, Charushree, Krithika, Ravi, Riya, Shreya, Pravin, Suganthi, Andrea, Anetia, Rekha, Subbu, Sid, Yohan, Vijayalakshmi, Sridev, Janani, Dharini, Sangeetha, Ram, Sahana, Shenbi, Daya, Shrute, Diya, Tejas



With warm regards

maca committee

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