Go to MACA website at www.macatoronto.ca and click “ Signup” link. Provide the basic information and submit. You will receive an email with all information about membership fee and  payment mode.Following are your options:

Cheque: send your cheque in favor of MACA ($25.00 for Annual and $100.00 for 5 years)  and mail to 145 Cass Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1T 2B5

Online Payment If  you opt for “online payment”, let us know. We will provide a temporary access for making online payment. You may then login and make online payment thro’ paypal`s secured site with your credit card.

eTransfer: All major banks offer eTransfer facility. You may Etransfer to macafamily@gmail.com and let us know the password you chose at the time of transfer. It is easy and convenient.

 If you have further question, please email to macafamily@gmail.com.

Yes the membership fee is for the entire family. You may use the Profile form to update details of members of your family. The member of your family includes you / your spouse`s parents.

The mission of MACA is try and meet the needs of every member in a family; MACA provides an opportunity - whether you`re a parent, who wants to network & socialize, or a grand parent interested in meeting the same age group or a teen waiting to discover your hidden talents.

In addition, we are listing some of the benefits:

v  Admission eligibility at MACA School (Madras Cultural Academy)

v  Jolly Junior – Free kid’s participation (worth $10.00/kid)

v  Deepavali – Subsidized ticket (worth atleast  $20.00 for family of four)

v  Chithirai Vizha - Subsidized ticket (worth atleast  $20.00 for family of four)

v  Bowling Mela: Subsidized fee (worth $25.00 for a family of four)

On average a family of four can save more than $100.00 in a year!!


Some of the intangible benefits:

v   Opportunity to network with more than 500+  MACA family members.

v   Opportunity to become executive committee member and serve our community.

v   Subsidized Fee for advertisement in Website & Program brochures.

v   Posting your personal  message for free in "Members Message" page  of MACA Website.

v  Opportunity to show case your talents at MACA events.

v   Opportunity to announce yours or your loved one’s birthday in MACA Calendar.

v   Opportunity to write articles for eDigest (MACA Website)

Most importantly your membership fee  helps your community through MACA`s many activities.

The annual membership fee is $25 (January to December). You also have the option to pay $100.00 for 5 year membership.

You have the following options:

Online Payment: Login with your emailID as user name and the password. Click “online payment” link and pay thro’ paypal with your credit card. If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” link and receive temporary password by email.


eTransfer: You may send the payment to macafamily@gmail.com and let us know the password to transfer the money

Cheque: Please send the cheque in favour of MACA and mail to 145 Cass Avenue, Scarborough, ON     M1T 2B5.



MACA School is devoted to promote our culture, Heritage and Language. The medium of instruction is in English. Madras Cultural Academy (Official name for MACA School) has two locations to cater the needs of our community living in East and West End.

In Tamil classes, the students will learn to read, write and speak Tamil. Using stories, games and other techniques, the instructor will guide the kids to a good understanding of the basics and help them to communicate in Tamil.

In the heritage program for children, the students focus on Slokas, fables, stories, moral values, yoga, understanding the spirit and wisdom of our cultural practices and inherent values of our Ithihas and scriptures.

You need to be a MACA member for enrolling your kid. East end school classes are held every Saturday between 10 AM and 12 Noon, in Vedic Centre, 4345, 14th avenue Markham . West end school classes are held every Sunday between 10 AM and 1 PM in South Common Community Center 2233 South Millway, Mississauga ON L5L 3H7 (Erin Mills Parkway / Burnhamthorpe).

For more information, please contact us at macafamily@gmail.com



The subsidized fee for each child is $20.00/month  ($5/  for every additional child from the same family) for Tamil and Heritage class.



MACA Programs

You may contact the Program Directors of any MACA Event or email your request with details to macafamily@gmail.com

You need to coordinate with the Entertainment Committee of a MACA Event. Details for specific programs will be available in the relevant e-bulletin from MACA.

Trade Promotion

There are several ways.

You can use our web portal advertisement slots and book for a period.

You can also sponsor a MACA event and exhibit your banners during the sponsored event.

You can advertise in MACA’s brochure which gets published and distributed during two major cultural events ( Chithirai Vizha in May and Deepavali during Oct/Nov).

You can book a promotional table in a MACA event (excluding PICNIC) and exhibit your trade promotion materials


The tariff depends on your mode of advertisement. For more information, please ycontact Vasan Srinivasan at  macafamily@gmail.com


You can call any of the Committee members (see Contact Us page for details). You can also email your details to macafamily@gmail.com

Yes, eligible students who work as volunteers can obtain from MACA the credentials for having served as volunteers in any MACA event.


Other Services

Other services of MACA include “Members Message”, where members can post their messages like “hosehold for sale”, “Matrimonial”, “Car for sale”, “Travel companion needed” ……….. You have the option to login and post the message directly. You also have other features like participating in the forum. This include replying to the other members queries or  start a new thread. Another feature is “Trade Directory”. Here you will be able to locate professionals from our community in various field.


You can contact any of the Committee Members (see "About us/committee members"  page for details). You can email your details to macafamily@gmail.com

A detailed email to macafamily@gmail. com will be ideal.

MACA Music

MACA Music is part of MACA that brings together the carnatic music lovers within MACA. Seasonal programs by members, member-children and others are provided. Aradhanas and seminars also provide platform for learning and quench the music thirst of MACA members.

To Advertise here contact : macafamily@gmail.com